Trina Vertex S 385W All Black Mono

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Trina Vertex S

Is Trina Solar’s latest PV module product for fast growing non-utility customers which carries cutting-edge Vertex Platform technology. Based on Trina Solar’s superior multi-busbar technology, the Vertex S modules incorporates
an innovative design that integrates 1/3 split cell, non-destructive cutting and high-density interconnect technologies. Due to dedicate design for residential and C&I applications, the new Vertex S series unlocks huge potential for reducing balance-of-system costs further.
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Trina Vertex S 385W All Black Mono


Peak power
Vmpp 33.6V
Impp 11.46A
Isc 12.07A


Weight 21.0 kg
Dimensions 1754 x 1096 x 30mm
Product warranty
15 years
Warranty on output 25 years
Efficiency 20.0%
Product code

Please note that BirdBlocker and Bird Deterrent Mesh can no longer be attached to the short edges of Trina Vertex panels as these do not have a lip for the clip to fix on to.



Weight 21.0 kg
Dimensions 1754 × 1096 × 30 mm