SolaX X1 Solar Power Hybrid Ready Inverter SK-SU3700e


SolaX X1 Solar Power Hybrid Ready Inverter SK-SU3700e

SolaX Hybrid Ready Energy Storage System converts DC electricity generated by solar panels to AC electricity for grid and load; to DC for the battery when your ready to go down that path. For very little additional cost you can have an inverter that is future proof. The system is designed to monitor your usage and generate a report of your energy requirements, use this report to find the optimal battery size for your future demands. Smart enough to provide to load first, and the excess electricity will be stored in the battery, after the battery is fully charged, the electricity will be fed into the grid.

This product comes with 5 year warranty as standard.


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SolaX X1 Solar Power Hybrid Ready Inverter SK-SU3700e

Compared to traditional Grid-tied Solar Systems, you can save money on your power bills by increasing the amount of self-use electricity generated by your solar system from 30% to more than 70%.
Save money by becoming independent from ever increasing energy prices.
Protect your family and business from power outages.
Reduce stress on the grid by reducing your solar power feed.
Our system is more;
Reliable – European and American made or designed key components.
Efficient – Highly effective solar power utilization and long battery life by intelligent designed charging module.
User-friendly – Intuitive interaction mode.


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