Efficient Solar Thermal Collectors (10 – 30 tubes)

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Our Solar Thermal Collectors are high efficiency double wall evacuated tubes measuring 1800×58.

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Solar Thermal Collectors


Perfect DIY addition to your home. These super efficient Solar Thermal Collectors will harness the power of the sun to work for you!

The application of Solar Thermal power can make your life easy by heating your pool, your guest house with underfloor solar heated water, or even just to wash your family pup outside with luxuriously warm water!

Harnessing the heating power of the sun dates back over 100 years. Our Solar Thermal Collectors have used the modern advancements of the twenty-first century to bring you one of the most advanced systems available.

For more information on Solar Water Heating, check out Wikipedia.

If you need a complete kit then checkout our DIY Solar Water Heating Systems.

This listing is for the Collectors only.


Bottom rail mounted tube cups
Heat conducting paste
Side rails
Bottom rail
Set of nuts, bolts and washers for assembly

Available in arrays of 10, 15, 20, 25 & 30.


The application of our patented technology improves heat efficiency.
Our Super Efficient Metal-glass evacuated tubes with heat pipe provide 10% higher efficiency solar collection than normal all-glass tubes.
Show high performance even in winter and under cloudy skies.
Solar Thermal Collectors may be connected in series to increase water heating capacity.
Copper heat pipes for rapid heat transfer.
Corrosion resistant silver brazed copper header.
Glass wool insulation for better heat retention.
Easy DIY installation for mounting on the roof or at ground level.
Tubes are easy and inexpensive to replace if broken.
Ideal for commercial solar water heating applications, especially suitable for large projects.
Maintenance free.
5 Year Warranty.
Dimensions 1800 × 58 × 58 mm

3 reviews for Efficient Solar Thermal Collectors (10 – 30 tubes)

  1. anonymous

    Superior quality, good value for money and very easy to install. Excellent customer service too, simply couldn’t be happier! Thanks once again!

  2. anonymous

    Very highly!
    Great quality panels, very happy with my purchase. Many thanks to Richard for all his advice and help organising transportation of my panels to Northern Ireland.
    I look forward to enjoying my free hot water. Cheers

  3. J.S

    Very easy to set up,works better than expected.I had this item brought over to Spain,it was very well packaged,very pleased with suppliers and communication with them.I certainly would recommend them.

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