Panasonic N 245W Solar Panel


Panasonic’s  HIT (Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin layer) technology features mono crystalline cells surrounded by ultra-thin amorphous silicon layers. Even at high temperatures, HIT solar cells can maintain higher efficiencies than conventional crystalline silicon solar cells.The 240W and 245W modules are a great size to cope with difficult roof shapes, at only 1580 x 798mm. And at a weight of only 15kg, they are also a joy to install. Their 19.4% module efficiency matches those of larger 330W panels, thanks to their slender proportions.

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Panasonic N 245W Solar Panel


  • Peak power Wp 245W
  • Module Efficiency: 19.4%
  • Voltage at peak power Vmp: 44.3V
  • Max open circuit voltage Voc: 53.0V
  • Current at peak power Imp: 5.54A
  • Max short circuit current Isc: 5.86A
  • Weight: 15kg
  • Dimensions: 1580 x 798 x 35mm
  • Warranty on output: 10 years at 90%, 25 years at 80%
  • Product warranty: 25 years (installer registration and system registrationrequired)



Panasonic make very high efficiency panels using a combination of mono-crystalline and amorphous silicon to make the greatest use of the surface area. Combined with notably superior build quality and an excellent brand name, these are an obvious choice for discerning customers and for small or awkward roofs. Since their range includes various non-standard panel dimensions along with top panel efficiencies, they can often make the best use of limited roof spaces.
Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 1580 × 798 × 35 mm