Longi 345W HiMo4 All Black Split Cell Mono


These 345W full black split cell panels from Longi offer a module efficiency of 18.7% as well as a sleek black appearance, with a price tag that knocks alternatives out of the water!

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Longi 345W HiMo4 All Black Split Cell Mono

Longi Solar is one of the largest silicon producers in the world and a specialist in mono-crystalline cell and panel manufacturing.


Efficiency 18.5%
Peak power Wp 345W
Voltage at peak power Vmp:33.1
Max open circuit voltage Voc:40.3
Current at peak power 10.43A
Max short circuit current Isc 10.93A
Dimensions 1776 x 1052 x 35mm
Weight 20 kg
Product warranty 10 years
Warranty on output 25 years




Longi is the world's largest producer of mono silicon wafers, supplying cells to much of the solar industry - they have a near 50% market share for mono cells. Longi invest heavily in R&D and their panel production arm specialises in monocrystalline, manufacturing exclusively high output PERC and bifacial modules for supply to both utility scale projects and distribution. By treating their PERC cells to reduce Light Induced Degradation, Longi panels offer a better lifetime yield than standard mono panels.
Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 1776 × 1052 × 35 mm


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