GH-2kW Horizontal axis wind turbine system

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GH-2kW Horizontal axis wind turbine system.

Kit comprises of:
GH-2kW Horizontal axis wind turbine.
2kW 48v/96v controller
2kW 48v/96v inverter
With your choice of a guy wire tower or a free standing Tower.


GH-2kW Horizontal axis wind turbine system.

Perfect for when you can use Solar Panels or just want to supplement an existing system with everything you need.

Will on-grid controller and on-grid inverter used for on-grid system Connect direct to the mains YES
Will off-grid controller and off-grid inverter used for off-grid system. YES This will give 250 volt 50 hz
Will off-grid controller and off-grid inverter used for off-grid system. YES This will give 250 volt 50 hz
Off-Grid controller: Rectifier, protection, charge battery. What voltage 2kW 48V
On-Grid controller: Rectifier, protection. What voltage does this produce for the inverter? 2kVA 48V



Greef GH-2kW Horizontal axis wind turbine off-grid system.

Technical Data

Model GH-2K
Rated Power 2000W
Max Power 3200W
Blades Rotor   Diameter 3.2m(10.50ft)
Blade Quantity   &Material 3  Pcs / FRP
Rated Rotate   Speed 350(r/min)
Start Torque 0.8(N.M)
Generator   Type PMG AC Direct Drive
Generator   Material Aluminium body+copper wire+Nd-Fe-B
Normal Output   Voltage 48V
Optional   Output Voltage(DC) 24-350V
Start Wind   Speed 3 m/s ( 6.72 mph)
Rated Wind   Speed 8m/s ( 17.92mph)
Working Wind   Speed 3-25m/s (6.72-56 mph)
MAX.Design   Wind Speed 40m/s (89.6mph)
Tower Height 6m(19.68ft)higher available
Top Weight 65kg
Protection method Tail vane Autolean



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Tower Type

Free standing tower, Guy wired tower

Controller type

Off-Grid controller, On-Grid controller, Not needed

Inverter type

Off-grid inverter, On-Grid inverter, Not needed


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